Des chouchous éco-responsables aux motifs uniques

Eco-responsible scrunchies with unique patterns

Scrunchies made with love, in France.

At Bayadji, we don't throw anything away! Fabric scraps are reused to make accessories, including hair scrunchies.

This is called ucycling (or recycling): the use of new fabrics intended to be thrown in the trash. This practice, which is becoming more and more widespread, makes it possible to avoid waste, which is very common in the fashion industry.

Our scrunchies are colorful and very soft: zebra, floral, Liberty, spotted or plain terracotta or ecru patterns, for more simplicity. You will surely find happiness !

It is Marion, the founder who takes care of the confection. They are therefore made in Lyon Croix-Rousse .



The materials used are recycled and sourced in Europe, to favor short circuits and minimize the carbon footprint. They are partly made with plastic waste collected from the seas and oceans, which contributes to their depollution.

In addition, scrunchies are produced in small quantities so as not to have overproduction. This avoids excessive stocks, which would then be sold off (as fast fashion brands often do). At Bayadji, we do not encourage overconsumption.

In terms of care instruction, it is best to avoid machine washing. The ideal is to wash your scrunchie by hand, with a little bit of Marseille soap. In terms of drying, nothing could be simpler: drying in the open air. A word of advice: giving yourscrunchie its shape after washing will allow it to remain as beautiful as ever (this will avoid creases).

And for those who don't know yet: satin scrunchies have many benefits. They not only allow you to have less brittle hair (no tightness with the elastic), but also avoid knots. Satin scrunchies will also preserve your pretty curls. And don't panic, they hold just as well in the hair!

This little accessory will make all the difference in your look. So are you more mix & match or total look?

Scrunchie is back!

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