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  • « La nouvelle collection conserve les imprimés de la première créés par Jéromine Guichard et les décline sur de nouveaux modèles »

  • « La marque reverse 1% de son chiffre d'affaires à Pure Océan, association de protection de la biodiversité marine »

  • “Models made from recycled materials. This avoids the production of virgin materials and the resulting pollution”

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  • “We love this brand of swimwear designed by Marion Coquel, just 26 years old”

  • “Good point: the two models in the collection, a triangle top two-piece and a V-neck one-piece, have been prototyped to suit all body types”

  • « Savant mélange inspiré de Bangkok et Djibouti, Bayadji est créée en avril 2022 par Marion Coquel à la suite d'un long voyage en Asie »

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  • “Bayadji offers swimsuits using recycled, soft and responsible fabrics, made in France or Spain. They are made in a workshop in Marseille, but the brand is very much from Lyon! »

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  • “We like these colours, the idea of the brand's mix and match or the proposal for a total look with the swimsuit (one piece or two), the dress and even the headband and the scrunchie! »

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  • "Eco-responsible, the e-commerce store drastically reduces its environmental impact throughout the production and sales chain"

  • “Bayadji, the new committed swimwear brand”

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  • “With unique and feminine prints, made from recycled materials, these swimsuits invite you to travel”

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